To nominate for our events, please go to

  • Hover mouse over the "Equestrian" box.
  • Click on the "Events".
  • Select your interest "Western"
  • Select the state "NT"
  • Click on the Top End Drum Runners Meet and select ENTER.
  • You have 2 options.  "Login/Create Account" or "Continue as a guest".  If you do not have an account it is recommended to create one.
  • Follow the screens to complete your nominations.
  • If you are not a member, it will prompt you to become a member before completing your nominations.
  • You will be sent confirmation email through Nominate.
  • All riders MUST pre-nominate. Nomination close by 7 pm the Wednesday prior to the meet and must be paid through Nominate.
  • No cash payments will be accepted on the day.
  • Riders who have not pre-nominated and paid will be unable to compete. 
  • The committee thank you for assisting us in making these events run smoothly and appreciate if you can let any non-member friends know they need to pre-nominate if they are planning to come along to a meet.

If you are using a school voucher or are having problems with Nominate, Please email us direct at


Nomination fees for 2024


2024 Day Memberships:

Day Membership


Led Line Barrels & Poles $8.00 per event - Riders must remain on a lead through the entire course.
Rookie Junior Barrels  $20.00 
Junior $30.00
Novice $30.00
Rookie Adults  $25.00

 Open                                      $40.00

 Poles                                      $20.00

 Exhibition                               $5.00 Per Run